A-listers such as Penelope Cruz, Jessica Biel, Gisele Bundchen, Sara Jessica Parker and many more have ditched foils and transformed their locks with a method of hair painting called Balayage.

“My favorite part of balayage is how customizable it is. As a colorist my priority is to enhance my guests’ skin and eye color, and bring forward their personal style which in turn raises a women’s confidence, and that is truly beautiful. With balayage I am able to tailor their hair color to their exact needs, even including my guests who need to extend time between salon visits. I believe everyone should look fantastic walking out of the salon, but more importantly they still need to look stunning when they come back in for their re-touch. Balayage grows out so softly their hair never screams re-touch needed!”  according to Ashley Richter, Color Director at Gina Agosta Salon in Novi Michigan and L’Oreal Professionnel National Artist. “The reason you get a soft grow out is the application of lightener to the hair, it is applied in a sweeping motion across the surface layer of the hair so there are no harsh lines; even with saying that, you can still get a blonde bombshell or whispers of a golden copper on a beautiful red head whatever you choose”.

The balayage method of highlights allows for a sun-kissed natural look that is similar to what nature gives to a child. Because lightener isn’t fully saturated into the hair shaft it keeps the hair in great condition, and healthy hair is sexy. “To master the artistry of balayage takes time and extensive training, it is important if you choose to have this method of highlighting applied to your hair you research and find a salon with a Balayage Certified Artist. All the Color Specialists at Gina Agosta Salon have been balayage certified by L’Oreal Professionnel SOHO Academy.”